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Photo Copyright 2006, Kathy A. Obarowski

     Sound Files (MP3) from Kim and Reggie Harris's CD titled Simplicity (2002), on which I'm playing Fender fretless bass.

Photo Copyright 2006, Kathy A. Obarowski

     Winchester Perry: Mr. Nicotine Man (cassette single release only).

  • Released 1994 as a parity of the Byrd's, Mr. Tambourine Man.
  • Performed by Winchester Perry, with anti-smoking lyrics written by David C. Perry.
  • Joe Hammer, recording engineer, musician - all instruments, except voices & harmonica.
  • First nationwide airing on the Dr. Demento show June 5, 1994 and numerous local and national outlets.
  • Produced to sound like the Byrd's Mr. Tambourine Man, with the Rickenbacker electric 12 string guitar.
  • Mister Nicotineman (MP3) the whole song - 10,039,696 Bytes

Photo Copyright 2006, Kathy A. Obarowski

     Terry Gribbin, Al Kleinschmidt & Joe Hammer: Cajun Queen, Yesterday's Gone (cassette single release only).

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