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Special thanks to all the songwriters and musicians who helped make this project a success and especially to the following people:

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1.  Moon In Her Hands
       (Perry Artese and Tom Dimeo)
       1997 by  Perry Artese and Tom Dimeo, Perry Artese Publishing, 
       Toadland Publishing, ASCAP

      Produced by Perry Artese and Tom Dimeo
      Perry Artese:  Vocal, accordian, percussion
      Tom Dimeo: guitar, mandolin
      Joe Hammer: bass

2.  Today I Like The Rain
       (Christine Winchester)
       199? by Christine Winchester

      Produced by Joe Hammer
      Christine Winchester:  Lead and background vocals, guitar
      Joe Hammer: bass, drum programming
      Larry Real: Slide guitar? or dobro

3.  Bright Red Sky
       (Tony DeSantis)
      1995 by Tony DeSantis

       Produced by Joe Hammer and Tony DeSantis
       Tony DeSantis:  guitar, vocal
       Rob Lincoln: violin

4.  Shady River
       (Rob Lincoln)
       1984 Rob Lincoln, Tigers Paw Publishing, BMI 
       Produced by Joe Hammer
       Joe Hammer: bass
       Steve Lessick: harmonica, traps (with brushes), background vocal
       Rob Lincoln: guitar
       Amy Torchia: lead vocal 

5.  Plastic Flower Seeds
       (Burt Hansell)
      1996 by Burt Hansell

       Produced by Saverio Minicucci
       Norm Deaver: Dobro
       Joe Hammer: bass, handclaps
       Burt Hansell: vocal
       Saverio Minicucci: guitar

6.  Been On A Train
      1996 by Elayne Terranova, BMI
       Produced by Joe Hammer and Elayne Terranova
       Joe Hammer: bass, tamborine, bells
       Larry Real: guitar
       Eleyne Terranova: keyboards, lead and background vocals
       Percussionist: To be confirmed

7.  Follow and Lead
      (Andy Mozenter and Steve Perlsweig)
      1996 by Andy Mozenter and Steve Perlsweig, BMI
      Produced by Joe Hammer and Steve Perlsweig
      Joe Hammer:  bass, electronic drums
      Steve Perlsweig:  electric guitar, lead vocal
      Elayne Terranova: Background vocal

8.  Hugmeister
      (Lynne Abbey Bartlett)
      1993 by Lynne Abbey Bartlett
      Produced by Lynne Abbey Bartlett and Joe Hammer
      Lynne Abbey Bartlett: guitar, lead vocal, whistle
      Tony DeSantis: background vocal
      Will Brown-synthetic tuba

9.  Oversleeping Blues
      (Tom Lindsay)
      1993 by Tom Lindsay
      Produced by Joe Hammer
      Joe Hammer: bass
      Tom Lindsay: harmonica, guitar, percussion, vocal

10.  Evil Box
      (David Perry)
      199? by David Perry
      Produced by Joe Hammer (from live recording)
      David Perry: guitar and vocal

11.  Did I Tell You?
     (Will Brown)
     1976 by Will Brown
     Produced by Will Brown and Joe Hammer
     Will Brown: guitar, Roland GR1 (steel drums and bell), vocal
     Joe Hammer: bass
12.  Lost Inside
     (Rich McEntee)
      1996 by Rich McEntee
      Produced by Joe Hammer
      Joe Hammer: bass, guitars
      Rich McEntee: mandolin
      David Perry: percussion
      Christine Winchester: vocals

13.  Pink Slip Blues
     (Anne Bovee)
     1997 by Anne Bovee, Anne Bovee Music
     Produced by Joe Hammer, Rob Lincoln and Glenn McCollum
     Joe Hammer: bass
     Steve Lessick: Traps (with brushes)
     Rob Lincoln: violin
     Glenn McCollum: electric guitar, vocal

14.  Ship On The Water
     (Tony DeSantis and Rosemarie Miller)
     1998 by Tony DeSantis and Rosemarie Miller
     Produced by Tony DeSantis and Joe Hammer
     Mary Brucker: First vocal
     Vanessa Talley: Second vocal
     Tony DeSantis: Third vocal
15.  Wisdom of My Youth
        (Jim Harris)
       1995 by Jim Harris
        Produced by Joe Hammer and Jim Harris
        Jim Harris:  Cellos, electric guitar, vocal